Omg hi I’m still alive

I’m in a relationship and in love with my best friend and it is the best feeling ever and I can’t stop smiling and I’ve never been this happy holy shit. We’ve spent the past like 4 days together and he is picking me up from work and I love him so much I’m so happy. And my parents are out of town until the 18th so we can sleep in the big comfy guest room. ^.^


My goal in life is to live myself as much as he does

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Robert Smith, The Cure.


Robert Smith, The Cure.

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every 6 months or so everyone and their freakin’ grandmother reblogs and/or likes the post i posted of Le Tigre - Deceptacon and I’m like yay notes! and then it’s like oh hi strangers thank you



I want French fries tho


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I get jealous because I’m afraid someone is going to make you happier than I do.

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the most accurate thing i have ever read holy moly

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slingermanjones said: when do you think the package should arrive?

Hopefully sometime next week! :)

Anonymous said: ive loved oM for a long time and i just got to see them live for the first time a few weeks ago!!! i found your blog cuz i looked up "kevin barnes hanging with fans" cuz i was rly scared about how to act around him. ANYWAY, i love reading about your oM experiences!!!

Aww this makes me really happy :)